Interstellar is a science fiction drama film directed, co-produced and co-written by Christopher Nolan. It was released in 2014.
From   – It was released on dvd on March 30, 2015.
Interstellar Film


On a resource-depleted Earth in the near future, the discovery of a wormhole which can transport users through time and space unites scientists and explorers in the most important mission in human history. Among the potential travellers is a widowed engineer (Matthew McConaughey) who must decide whether to remain with his two children or to test the limits of human space travel, to see if there is a future for humanity out among the stars or whether the end of the Earth spells the end for humanity.
The cast members include Jessica Chastain, Michael Caine and Anne Hathaway.
Academy Award-winner Hans Zimmer returns to partner Nolan and score the film.

Did you know?

Christopher Nolan was the director of Batman: The Dark Knight trilogy.