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Super Heavy Rocket

Super Heavy Rocket is a launch vehicle that can launch more than 50t (50,000kg) to LEO (low Earth orbit).  Super Heavy Rocket - Russia wants to...



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Our  Solar System  has 1 star our Sun, 8 Planets, 5 Dwarf Planets, over 3000 Comets, 550,000 asteroids and our nearest star is Proxima Centauri.

Mercury: Closest planet to the Sun. Next spacecraft mission is Bepicolombo.
Venus: Very hot planet. Akatsuki is the only spacecraft in orbit.
– NASA’s Solar Probe Plus spacecraft to fly to the sun in 2018.
– China to launch Tianzhou-1 its first cargo spacecraft in late April to Tiangong-2 module.
– NASA will launch James Webb Space Telescope in 2018.
– Chang’e 5 is China’s first Sample Return Mission. To launch late 2017.
–  SpaceX to launch 2 Space Tourists around Moon in 2018.
– NASA finds India’s missing Chandrayaan-1 lunar orbiter. It was lost in 2009. It is circling 124 miles (200 km) above the lunar surface.
– Chandrayaan-2: India’s second lunar mission will launch in 2018.
– NASA to launch EM-1 mission: first launch of Orion spacecraft /  Space Launch System around moon in 2018. It may include a crew.
– NASA planning to build Cis-lunar outpost.
–  NASA’s Mars Plan May Include Yearlong Mission to the Moon.
– Trump administration may direct NASA to set up a human settlement on the Moon.
Near-Earth Asteroids: OSIRIS-REx is traveling to asteroid Bennu and will bring a small sample back to Earth for study.
Mars: 2 moons – Deimos & Phobos.
– NASA’s InSight lander to be launched in May 2018.
– European Space Agency to launch ExoMars rover and surface platform in July 2020.
– SpaceX to launch Red Dragon to Mars in 2020.
Asteroid Belt: Dawn Spacecraft orbiting Dwarf Planet Ceres.
Jupiter: Juno in currently in orbit. Europa Clipper is NASA’s next big mission. Destination: Europa Moon.
Saturn: Cassini is doing a fantastic job around the ringed planet. Mission ends in Sept ’17.
Uranus and Neptune – no missions
Pluto: has 5 moons. New Horizons flew past in 2015. Next Flyby: 2014 MU69 – Kuiper belt object (KBO) on 1st Jan 2019. New Horizons will be 100 AU from the Sun in 2038.

Vehicles visiting the International Space Station:
Crew:  Russian Soyuz Spacecraft. Future Crewed Vehicles: CST-100, Orion & Dragon.
Cargo: Progress Spacecraft (cargo),  Dragon spacecraft, Cygnus. Future cargo carrier: Dream Chaser.

Famous Rockets: Proton Rocket, Soyuz Rocket, Ariane 5, Falcon 9. Future rockets: Space Launch System – first launch 2018, Falcon Heavy – first launch late 2017, New Glenn – first launch 2020.

X-37B – USA’s Secret Spaceplane over 677 days in orbit & has returned to Earth!!!

Super Heavy Rocket

Super Heavy Rocket is a launch vehicle that can launch more than 50t (50,000kg) to LEO (low Earth orbit).  Super Heavy Rocket - Russia wants to...

Lunar Orbital Platform-Gateway

Lunar Orbital Platform-Gateway (LOP-G) is a moon orbiting space station and human spaceflight destination in cislunar space. Formerly known as Deep Space Gateway. What is the...
Parker Solar Probe

Parker Solar Probe

Kuiper Belt Picture

Kuiper Belt

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Launch Schedule:

SpaceX CRS-12 Cargo Mission to International Space Station
Launch Date: 1 June 2017

12th operational Dragon Spacecraft cargo delivery to ISS.

International Space Station Expedition 52 Undocking and Landing
Date: July 2017


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