Space Shuttle Pictures


The Space Shuttle Pictures features images from earth orbit, of the crawler, launch pad and include shuttles Discovery and Atlantis.

Launch Schedule - 0 Days to Launch Picture

NASA Space Shuttle…Launch Schedule.
0 Days to Launch!

Russian Space Shuttle Picture

Russian Space Shuttle.
Wow! It sure looks NASA’s shuttle!

Remembering Space Shuttle Columbia STS-107 Picture

Remembering….Space Shuttle Columbia STS-107.

Space Shuttle Re-Entry Picture

Space Shuttle Re-Entry

Space Shuttle over the Bahamas picture

Space Shuttle over the Bahamas

Space Shuttle Atlantis is seen over the Bahamas prior to a perfect docking with the International Space Station on 10 July 2011 on Flight Day 3 of NASA’s last shuttle flight. Part of a Russian Progress spacecraft which is docked to the station is in the foreground.

Space Shuttles Meet Nose-to-Nose Picture

Space Shuttles Meet Nose-to-Nose.

NASA’s Space Space Shuttles Enterprise and Discovery (right) meet at the beginning of a transfer ceremony on 19 April, 2012 at the Smithsonian’s Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center, Chantilly, Virginia.

Space Shuttle Lightning picture

Space Shuttle Discovery (STS-128) Rollout & Lightning..

NASA’s Space Shuttle Discovery rollout was slow-going due to the onset of lightning in the area of Launch Pad 39A, Kennedy Space Center, Florida.

Space Shuttle Discovery (STS-82) Picture

Space Shuttle Discovery (STS-82) Rollout to Pad 39-A.

Space Shuttle Discover travels along the Crawlerway toward Launch Pad 39A.

Space Shuttle Rollout Picture

Space Shuttle Discovery (STS-133) Rolls Out for Final Time.

Space Shuttle STS-117 Enroute Picture

Space Shuttle Atlantis on top of ‘The Crawler’ (STS-117).

Space Shuttle Sunset Picture

Space Silhouette of Space Shuttle and Transport Jet during Sunset.

Did you know?

The first Space Shuttle mission was STS-1.


 – First U.S. Space Shuttle Mission Video (1981) from

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