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Universe Picture contains pictures ranging from nebulae, alien planets, galaxies, the early universe, the big bang, galaxies, supernovae and other astronomy pictures.

Astrobiology: Life in the Universe.

Life in the Universe Picture

Early Universe

Early UniverseHenize 2-10 is a dwarf starburst galaxy about 30 million light years from Earth with properties similar to those in the early Universe. 

X-ray and radio data indicate a black hole at the center of Henize 2-10 with a mass about one million times that of the Sun.

Alien Planet and Moons

Alien Planet MoonsIs this actual view of an Alien Planet ?????

The Centre of the Milky Way

Milkyway Centre

Our Beautiful Milky Way Galaxy.

The central parts of our Milky Way Galaxy as observed in the near-infrared with the NACO instrument on ESO’s Very Large Telescope. By following the motions of the most central stars over more than 16 years, astronomers were able to determine the mass of the supermassive black hole that lurks there.

Lethal Radiation in Space.

Radiation Shield

Magnetosphere could be generated around manned spacecraft en route to the Moon or Mars to protect the occupants from the potentially lethal radiation in space from the Sun like on the famous movie / tv series Space Trek Enterprise.

Brightest Stellar Explosion (2007)

Supernova Explosion

Supernova SN 2006gy.

SN 2006gy was the death of an extremely massive star. SN 2006gy is located in the galaxy NGC 1260, some 240 million light years away.

Alien Planet & Spiral Galaxy Picture

Alien Planet and Spiral Galaxy

Radiation Shielding and Magnetic Sails: Image credit: Ruth Bamford / Rutherford Appleton Laboratory.