Mars Mission


When will Human Exploration of Mars begin? Perhaps by 2035, the United States may begin to journey to Mars on a Manned Mars Mission or it may be an international effort. Mars is the logical next place to explore after our own moon.

Humans on Mars

Robotic exploration of the Red Planet began in the 1960’s and is continuing to this date. Some questions to ask are: Why should humans explore Mars? Will the journey be safe? Will it be affordable and budget? Can private enterprise play a role?

Human Mission to Mars

When the first human crews arrive at the red planet, they will be able to achieve more than automated missions. For manned Mars Exploration to have sustained development, long term public and political support for the programme in terms of cash and commitment is needed.

Mars Tourism

In the distant future Mars Bases will be created and Mars Tourism will eventually become viable when cheap space transport is developed and the necessary infrastructure is in place.

Human to Mars

Tourists of the future will want to visit some of the best features of Mars like:

Valles Marineres: A giant canyon system stretching over 5,000km (3,100 miles) along the equator with an average depth of 6km. See if you can spot the erosion channels that could reveal the planet’s watery past.

Olympus Mons: The largest volcano in the Solar System. Reaching 27km (17 miles) high and 700km (435 miles) across. But don’t be afraid – this monstrous volcano is now extinct, so your visit will be a safe one.

Did you know?

Mission to MarsIf you want to contact home on Earth, there is a time lag of 25.4 minutes. One Martian Year = 2.11 Earth years



The Case for Mars : The Plan to Settle the Red Planet and Why We Must by Robert Zubrin, Richard Wagner

Marswalk One: First Steps on a New Planet (Paperback)
by David J. Shayler (Editor), Andrew Salmon (Editor), Michael D. Shayler (Editor) (August 23, 2005)

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Artist’s impression of a human mission to Mars: Picture Source from ESA (16 December 2006)
Artist’s Concept of Future Humans on Mars: Picture Source from NASA (16 December 2006)

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