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NK-33 and NK-43 Rocket Engines

The NK-33 and NK-43 rocket engines are the highest performing Liquid Oxygen/ Kerosene ever produced. They are upgraded versions of the the NK-15 and NK-15B engines which flew on the first four flights of the N-1 Soviet Moon Rocket. They were designed to provide improved thrust, reliability and restart capability.

They were designed and built by Kuznetsov Joint Stock Company which also designs aircraft engines. In the mid-1970's, an updated N-1 was going to use the NK-33 and NK-43. Unfortunatley, the N-1 programme was cancelled. Its successor was the Energia Launch System which launched the Buran Soviet Space Shuttle.

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The future of the NK-33 and NK-43

GenCorp Aerojet is marketting the the NK-33 and NK-43 engines (AJ26-58/59 and AJ26-60 engines). The following companies/organizations are interested/using the engines:

- Kelly Space and Technology has proposed to use the Nk-33 engines on its Astroliner RLV.

- Kistler is using the engines on its K-1 Reusable Rocket.

- NASDA is also interested in using the the NK-33 engines as the first stage of an upgraded J-class ELV.

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