Super Heavy Rocket


Super Heavy Rocket is a launch vehicle that can launch more than 50t (50,000kg) to LEO (low Earth orbit). 

Super Heavy Rocket Picture

Super Heavy Rocket – Russia wants to build a moon rocket. It is called Yenesei. It may be launched in 2028. Development started in 2018.

Super Heavy Rocket is used launch spacecraft to Earth Orbit, deep space, moon, mars and other destinations in our solar system.

Potential Designs for Russian Super Heavy Rocket:

1.  Energia version: 5 boosters using RD-171 and RD-171 core (83T payload)
2.  SRC Progress version: 6 x RD-181 and core using RD-180 engine. (103T)

What does the rocket design look like?

No information at the moment on the design.
Perhaps it will use Soyuz Rocket design with 6 strap-on boosters.

Potential Rocket Engines:
There are 4 main engines that could be used:
RD-170, Rd-180, Rd-191, NK-33


USA: Space Launch System (SLS)
SpaceX Super Heavy – it maybe launched in 2021.

Previous Designs:

Big Falcon Rocket (Super Heavy – new name)

China:  Long March 9

Past Operational Launch Vehicles:

N-1 rocket (95T) (Soviet Union)
Saturn V (USA)
Energiya (Soviet Union)

Did you know?

* There have been even heavier hypothetical launch vehicles like supernova and hyper-nova rockets

Super Heavy Rocket Links:

The Yenisei super-heavy rocket: by RussianSpaceWeb

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