Super Heavy Rocket


Super Heavy Rocket is a launch vehicle that can launch more than 50t (50,000kg) to LEO (low Earth orbit). 

Super Heavy Rocket – Russia wants to build a moon rocket.
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Potential Designs for Russian Super Heavy Rocket:

1.  Energia version: 5 boosters using RD-171 and RD-171 core (83T payload)
2.  SRC Progress version: 6 x RD-181 and core using RD-180 engine. (103T)

What does the rocket design look like?

No information at the moment on the design.
Perhaps it will use Soyuz Rocket design with 6 strap-on boosters.

Potential Rocket Engines:
There are 4 main engines that could be used:
RD-170, Rd-180, Rd-191, NK-33


USA: Space Launch System (SLS)
Big Falcon Rocket (Super Heavy – new name)

China:  Long March 9