SSME (Space Shuttle Main Engine)

The US Space Shuttle uses three reusable rocket engines which utilize Liquid Oxygen and Liquid Hydrogen as propellants. The engines are attached to the space shuttle orbiter.

SSME - Space Shuttle Main Engine

SSME Specifications:

Weight: 3, 150Kg
Length: 4.2 meters
Diameter: 2.25 meters
Engine Thrust: 488, 000 pounds

The Space Shutle Main Engine was developed in the 1970s by NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama, USA.

Enhancements to the Space Shuttle Main Engines are in progress. NASA continues to increase their reliability and safety.

The latest modifications include new high-pressure fuel and oxidizer turbopumps, a two-duct powerhead, a single-coil heat exchanger and a large-throat main combustion chamber.

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