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Welcome to Space Projects and Info's Space Quiz!

Test your Space knowledge? Are you ready? No, then read " How to use the Space Quiz? "

Here we go again. Its a NASA countdown! ...7, 6, 5,4,3, 2, 1, we have lift-off!

Question 1:

Like the bob on a cosmic pendulum, Halley's Comet will return again in the year _____?

(A). 2001
(B). 2075
(C). 2061
(D). 2050

Question 2:

Which is the closest star to the Earth?

(A). Alpha Centauri
(B). Sun
(C). Sirrus B
(D). Barnard's Star

Question 3:

Who directed the film "2001: Space Odyssey"?

(A). Arthur C Clarke
(B). George Lucas
(C). Irwin Allen
(D). Stanley Kubrick

Question 4:

In which film did Robbie the Robot appear?

(A). The Day the Earth stood Still
(B). Lost in Space
(C). Starlight Express
(D). Forbidden Planet

Question 5:

What does SSTO stand for?

(A). Space Shuttle Transport Orbiter
(B). Single Stage to Orbit
(C). Space Shuttle Transport Organization
(D). Space Shuttle Transit Orbit

Question 6:

What was the name of the Soviet Union's 1960/70's Moon Rocket?

(A). N-1
(B). A-1
(C). B-1
(D). F-1

Question 7:

What is the name of the sub-scale version of the Venturestar?

(A). X-33
(B). X-34
(C). X-38
(D). X-40

Question 8:

Which gas is the main constituent of the atmosphere on Mars?

(A). Methane
(B). Nitrogen
(C). Carbon Dioxide
(D). Helium

Question 9:

In what year did the US Space Shuttle achieve its first orbital flight?

(A). 1982
(B). 1980
(C). 1979
(D). 1981

Question 10:

Which is the Largest Planet in our Solar System

(A). Saturn
(B). Jupiter
(C). Neptune
(D). Uranus

Thank you for trying the Space Quiz!

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Happy Surfing


Question 1 = c (2061), Question 2  = b (sun), Question 3 = d (Stanley Kubrick), Question = d Forbidden Planet, Question 5 = b (Single-Stage-to Orbit), Question 6 = a (N-1), Question 7 = a (X-33), Question 8 =  c (Carbon dioxide), Question 9 =  d  (1981), Question 10 = b (Jupiter)

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