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List of Popular Space Probes:

Space Probe is an unmanned research spacecraft which is sent into outer space beyond Earth orbit for space exploration and it does not necessarily orbit anything. Various space agencies have launched probes to other planets, moons, asteroids and comets in the solar system. The include of the United States, Europe, Russia, Japan and former Soviet Union.


Rosetta: European comet explorer (new)

Stardust: Collect Comet Samples


Near Shoemaker: First Landing on an asteroid.

Dawn - to visit Vesta and Ceres


Galileo: Jupiter Orbiter

Pioneer 10:

Juno: Future Mission

Mars - fourth planet from our Sun

Mars Observer: Failed Mars Probe

Mars Global Surveyor: In Action!

Mars Pathfinder: Mars Lander

Mars 96: Failed Mars Probe; launched by Proton

Phobos 1 and 2: Failed Soviet Phobos Space Probes

Mars Reconnaissance Oribiter - launched Aug 2005

Mars Phoenix Lander - launched Aug 2007

Mars Science Laboratory - launch in November 2011

Phobos Grunt - Russian Sample Return Mission - launch 2009


Mariner 10: Passed Planet Mercury in the 1970's

Messenger: On its way.

BepiColombo: Future ESA mission - launch 2014



Luna Prospector: Successful!

Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter - proposed NASA mission for 2008

Smart-1: First euroean moon orbiter

Grail: (new) Create a gravity map of the moon using two spacecraft - launched 2011.


Cassini: On its way to Planet Saturn

Pionner 11:


SOHO: ESA's Solar and Heliospheric Observatory



Magellan: Radar Mapping Mission to Venus

Venera: Soviet Missions to Planet Venus

Venus Express: First European Mission


New Horizons (new)

Beyond Kupiers Belt

Voyager: Both Voyager1 & 2 are beyond our solar system

Space Landers:

Viking: Mars Landers
Mars Opportunity Lander
Mars Spirit Lander

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