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In this section you will find various Space Planes ranging from studies to spaceplanes in development and more.

space plane

The Space Shuttle is the USA's only manned transport.
- Space Shuttle Columbia: Leave your feelings and thoughts on the Disaster in our Club!

One book worth checking is Flying Without Wings. It is a good read!

Space Planes in Development:

space planes

SpaceShipTwo: Suborbital Vehicle

Ascender: British Spaceplane

Dream Chaser: Lifting Body

Maks: Air-launched reusable Orbiter with expendable fuel tank (Russian)

Other Space Planes:

X-15: 1960's Rocketplane
X-33: SSTO Test Vehicle using Aerospike Engines
X-37: Could become America's first military space plane.
Hope-X: Japanese Spaceplane
SpaceShipOne: Won the X-Prize.

: SSTO spaceplane powered by supersonic combustion ramjet engines
Maks-M: Air-launched fully reusable Orbiter similar to Interim HOTOL
Maks-T: Air-launched heavy-lift launcher; expendable 2nd stage with payload container

Space Plane Studies:

Black Horse: Single Stage to Orbit using Aerial Refuel
Kelly's Astroliner: Two-stage-to-orbit, towed space launch concept
Mig-2000: Sled-launched SSTO with airbreathing propulsion to Mach 5 (subsonic combustion)
Migaks: Turbojet/ramjet-powered HTHL TSTO;Mach 6 separation
Orel Launch Vehicle Study Program:
Pioneer's Rocketplane
Sea Spaceplanes:
Spacecab: Two Stage To Orbit Launch System
Spaceplane Suggestions/Ideas:
Venturestar: Ultimate version of the X-33

Abandonned Spaceplanes:

Bor-5: Test Vehicle to verify Buran's Aerodynamics
Buran Russian Space Shuttle: Abandoned-but it may return if Russia's Finances Improve?
LKS: Space Interceptor (Soviet Union)
Dynasoar: Also known as the X-20
Hermes: Cancelled French Plane that was to be launced via Ariane-5
HL-20: Cancelled in 1993
OK-M2: Study-was to be launched by Energia-M
Spiral: Cancelled in the 1970's
X-30: National Aerospace Plane (NASP)

Space Plane Links:

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