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This section is a guide to Space Craft!

picture of space craft

In this section you will find various Spacecraft.


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BepiColombo and NuSTAR Telescope:  New!

Manned Spacecraft (including Cargo Delivery Vehicles):

MPCV (Multi-Purpose Crew Vehicle): successor to the Space Shuttle - Updated

Boeing CST-100: new

SpaceX Dragon: Private

Orion Exploration Flight Test 1: 1st Orion Un-crewed Test in Orbit (2014).

Kliper: Proposed replacement for the Soyuz 

Crew Exploration Vehicle: Possible successor to the shuttle

Shenzhou: Chinese Manned Spacecraft

H-II Transfer Vehicle: Chinese Cargo Transfer Vehicle

Vostok: First Man in Space used this Module

Voskhod: The First Spacewalk by the Soviets used this vehicle

Soyuz-TM: Russian-Variations used since the 1960's

Mercury: US First Manned Space craft

Gemini: 1960's Spacecraft

Apollo: Used for US moon Landing Missions and Skylab/ASTP

ATV (Automatic Transfer Vehicle): ESA's Cargo Delivery Vehicle for the ISS

Zond L-1: Circum-Lunar Spacecraft of the1960's and early 70's.

Zarya: Abandooned-Reusable Capsule


Salyut Space Tug:

spacecraft picture

Space Probes: List of Space Craft

Planetary Probes and Landers:

Stardust: returned to earth.

JUICE Mission: Europe's Jupiter Icy moons Explorer New Mission

Mars Observer: This Mars Spacecraft failed!

Mars Pathfinder- Mars Space craft


Cassini: Studying Planet Saturn and moons

Voyager: Both Spacecraft have left the solar system.

Near Shoemaker: First asteroid landing

Dawn: To visit Ceres and Vesta

EPOXI: Deep Impact sent to Comet Hartley 2

Earth Satellites:

Earth Satellites

eg. Sputnik, Aim, Explorer, Van Allen Probes

ICESat-2: launch in 2016

Space Telescopes and Other Space Craft:

Hubble Space Telescope:

Spitzer: - Updated - Mega Cool!

James Webb Telescope:

Herschel Space Observatory:

Gamma-ray Large Area Space Telescope to be largest space gamma ray experiment ever built.

Euclid: launch 2020

Near-Future Spacecraft:


Plato: launch 2020's

Moon Missions

Chang'e-1 - first Chinese mission to explore the Moon
Smart-1 - 1st European spacecraft to orbit the Moon 

Technology Demonstrator

Ikaros: Solar Sail

X-43: unmanned hypersonic scramjet test vehicle.

Spacecraft Links:

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