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Welcome to the AeroSpaceGuide's Space Calendar-Astronomy Calendar section. Also find other gift items.

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NASA 2014 Calendar

NASA 2014 Calendar

The NASA 2014 Calender features many amazing images and features.

Hubble Space Telescope 2013 Wall Calendar

Hubble Space Telescope 2013 Wall Calendar

This remarkable wall calendar features beautiful images captured by NASA's orbiting Hubble Space Telescope, one of the most important scientific instruments of our time.

Space 2013 Wall Calendar

Space 2013 Wall Calendar

Extraordinary images from NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory. This 12 month wall calendar has spacious grids, international holidays and moon phases.

Outer Space 2013 Wall Calendar

Outer Space 2013 Wall Calendar

Stunning calendar of Outer Space. Amazing nebulas, dwarfs and galaxies from far far away.

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A Voyage Through Space 2013 Wall Calendar

A Voyage Through Space 2013 Wall Calendar

There are wonders beyond Earth that are beautiful and mysterious. Experience them here, on a journey to the Monoceros constellation, the Eagle Nebula and more.

The Solar System 2013 Wall Calendar

Solar System 2013 Wall Calendar

Beautiful images of planets, asteroids, moon surfaces and star clusters round out the collection of our solar system's planets and sun.

Angry Birds in Space 2013 Wall Calendar

Angry Birds in Space 2013 Wall Calendar

To boldly go where no Angry Bird has ever gone before! This beloved red bird has now catapulted its way into space !

The Blue Planet 2013 Wall Calendar

Blue Planet 2013 Wall Calendar

Earth is the 3rd planet from the sun. This wall calendar features images of Earth, the Blue Planet, taken from space.

Asteroids: Deadly Impact Video

Asteroids: Deadly Impact Video from National Geographic Store

  Asteroids and comets: Every year, millions of these 'stray bullets' streak the skies, and tons of small meteorites strike our planet!  Scientists believe that the impact of an asteroid only a mile wide would be globally catastrophic. The night sky holds the key to Asteroids: Deadly Impact. Approximately 55 minutes.


NASA "Meatball" Hat

This is our original product and still a big favorite among space fans. The hat is brushed khaki cotton with a dark blue brim and an embroidered NASA vector known as the meatball!


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