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The Space Program books page has various related books ranging from books on programs from America, Europe, China, general history and lots more. For other sections use the left column.

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Secret History of Nasa Book

Dark Mission: The Secret History of Nasa by Richard C. Hoagland, Mike Bara  (October 2007)

For most Americans, the word NASA suggests a squeaky-clean image of technological infallibility. Yet the truth is that NASA was born in a lie and has concealed the truths about its occult origins. Dark Mission documents this seemingly wild assertion. Why is the Bush administration intent on returning to the moon as quickly as possible? What are the reasons for the current "space race" with China, Russia, even India? Remarkable images reproduced within this book provided to author Richard C. Hoagland by disaffected NASA employees provide clues why, including information about suppressed lunar discoveries.

Space Programs

Space Programs Outside the United States: All Exploration and Research Efforts, Country by Country by Daphne Burleson (January 2005)

Most people are familiar with NASA and the Soviet and then Russian space programs, but how many people have heard of the Austrian Space Agency? Space Ireland? SUPARCO of Pakistan? Space exploration and space-related scientific applications, far from being the province of the superpowers, are a worldwide effort and are developing in some seemingly unlikely places. Forty-two countries or groups of countries, besides the United States, have or have had active space programs. This near-comprehensive (American agencies, well documented elsewhere, are omitted) history of the world's space programs is full of detailed information. The heavily illustrated chapters, arranged alphabetically, describe each country's facilities; launch vehicles, rockets and satellites; major areas of research; and more.

Europen Space Programme Book

Europe's Space Programme: To Ariane and Beyond by Brian Harvey (April 2003)

In Europe's Space Programme - to Ariane and Beyond, author Brian Harvey begins with the fledgling European rocket effort of the 1930s and the key pioneers of the period, examining the significance of the V-2 and the technological advances represented by its development. He shows how the Russians and Americans put their captured V-2s to work, but the European countries were slower to respond. Both Britain and France developed national space programmes in the 1950s and 1960s and the early attempts at European co-operation for launcher development - ELDO and ESRO - are described. The formation of the European Space Agency and the origins of the successful Ariane launcher programme are discussed and Europe's subsequent success in the world launcher market, its cutting-edge role in space applications and European manned spaceflight, are all described in detail.

NASA's Scientist-Astronauts by David J. Shayler, Colin Burgess (July 2006)

The first astronauts were military test pilots. Science was never at the forefront of their minds – their primary objective was to survive the mission and report on engineering aspects of their flights. In 1965, the first of two teams of NASA scientist-astronauts was selected, but not without causing immediate outcries and deep divisions within the ranks of existing astronauts, who hotly contended that the scientists’ lack of flight and technical experience could jeopardise the safety of future missions and the crews’ lives. This book is about NASA’s two scientist-astronaut groups from the 1960s, reveals how their fortunes and careers were shaped or even cut short by budgets, politics and flight opportunities, provides an inside view of the workings of the Astronaut Office and tells how the first astronaut scientists and physicians pioneered the Science officer role on the ISS.

Space 50 Book

Space 50 (Hardcover) by Piers Bizony (October 2006)

This work includes a foreword by Arthur C Clarke. The book explores the major themes of rocket exploration, past, present and future, and celebrates the first half-century of space exploration. Specially selected images recall an age when giant rockets were the last word in modernity, and silver-suited astronauts were household names.


Praxis Manned Spaceflight Log 1961-2006 by Tim Furniss, David J. Shayler, Michael D. Shayler (January 2007)

Complete chronological log of all attempted orbital manned spaceflights, including the X-15. Reference to all manned spaceflights, the names astronauts and cosmonauts who flew on each mission, and their roles and accomplishments.

Kennedy Space Center

Kennedy Space Center: Gateway to Space by David West Reynolds (September 2006)

NASA's John F. Kennedy Center was the stage for the American adventure in space. Sprawled across 140,000 acres on Florida's Atlantic coast, it has hosted the succession of rocket launches and illustrates its history. It is clearly written, meticulously researched and packed with 150 spectacular full colour and archive photographs. It is written by a leading expert in space exploration and the author of the "New York Times" No.1 bestseller "Star Wars: Episode 1, the Visual Dictionary".

The Man Who Ran the Moon: James E. Webb, NASA, and the Secret History of Project Apollo by Piers Bizony (May 2007)

James Webb headed NASA from 1961 to 1968. He ran his end of the space race as NASA's administrator under presidents Kennedy and Johnson. Presiding over the agency during its build-up to the Apollo moon mission, Webb grew the agency into a research and development behemoth by leaning heavily on the old boy network: he called in favors, brokered backroom deals, bullied those who weren't in lockstep with his vision and commandeered vast sums of federal budget money. Interesting read.

The Seven Secrets of How to Think Like a Rocket Scientist (Hardcover) by James Longuski (October 2006)

This book explains the methods that rocket scientists use - expressed in a way that could be applied in everyday life. The book illustrates the methods (the 7 secrets) with anecdotes, quotations and biographical sketches of famous scientists, ideas from sci-fi, personal stories and insights, and occasionally a bit of space history. The author reveals that rocket science is just common sense applied to the extraordinarily uncommon environment of outer space and that rocket scientists are people, too.

China Space Program

China's Space Program - From Conception to Manned Spaceflight by Brian Harvey (July 2004)

In October 2003 Yang Liwei made history as the first Chinese citizen in space, orbiting the globe 14 times in the Shenzhou 5.  The Chinese space program has sometimes been called the last of the secret space programs. Although it is far less secretive now than formerly, fascinating revelations are still being made. Brian Harvey examines the history of the Chinese space program, from it's earliest times to the historic breakthrough of manned flight.

Satellite Orbits: Models, Methods and Applications (Hardcover) by Oliver Montenbruck, Eberhard Gill (September 2005)

Textbook guiding the student through the theory and practice of satellite orbit prediction and determination. The included CD-ROM provides and supplements the exercises and applications with C++ codes built around a space flight dynamics library suitable for many applications.

50 Years in Space

50 Years in Space: What We Thought Then... What We Know Now (Paperback) by Patrick Moore, David A. Hardy (Illustrator) (October 2006)

Patrick Moore, one of the world’s best-known astronomers and host of the BBC’s record-breaking series The Sky at Night, joins forces with celebrated “space artist” David Hardy in a lavishly illustrated look at our evolving images of space. Looking back to their 1972 classic, Challenge of the Stars, Moore and Hardy show how early space art sometimes proved amazingly prophetic—incorporating ideas about spacecraft and space stations that would later come true. They also show how some of the spectacular fantasies of the ’70s gave way to realities more fantastic still, such as the canyons of Mars, the geysers on Triton, neutron stars, and black holes.

Other Space and Astronomy Books

Deep Sky Objects: The Best And Brightest from Four Decades of Comet Chasing by David H Levy (November 2005)

Great Observatories of the World by Serge Brunier, Anne-Marie Lagrange (September 2005)

History Of Liquid Propellant Rocket Engines by George P. Sutton (November 2005)

Invisible Residents: The Reality of Underwater UFOs (Paperback)
by Ivan T. Sanderson, David Hatcher Childress (Introduction) (September 2005)

Spacecam: In Co-Operation With NASA (Hardcover)
by Terry Hope (October 2005)

The Hatfield SCT Lunar Atlas : Photographic Atlas for Meade, Celestron and other SCT Telescopes (Hardcover) by Jeremy Cook (August 2005)

The Living Universe: Nasa And the Development of Astrobiology (Paperback) by Steven J. Dick, James E. Strick (September 2005)

Top Secret/Majic : Operation Majestic-12 and the United States Government's UFO Cover-up (Paperback) by Stanton T. Friedman, Whitley Strieber (September 2005)

US Spacesuits (Springer Praxis Books / Space Exploration) by Kenneth S. Thomas, Harold J. McMann (November 2005)

Worlds on Fire : Volcanoes on the Earth, the Moon, Mars, Venus and Io (Hardcover) by Charles Frankel (September 2005)

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