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Welcome to Space Projects and Info's Space Education for K-12

The aim of the web site is to be your educational guide and  help all space kids to learn about all the various aspects of Space.


GRAIL A & B spacecraft renamed "Ebb and Flow." Congrats to Montana students at Emily Dickinson Elementary School!

space kids

Space Shuttle Launch

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Topics covered include:

  • the international space station
  • space shuttle
  • space rockets and spaceplanes
  • spacecraft
  • space explorartion
  • space history and future
  • space films and TV shows
  • Solar System: the planets, asteroids, comets, sun
  • books for Space Kids

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56 years in Space

2013 is the 56th year of spaceflight. Sputnik started it all. One month after the historic launch of Sputnik, the Soviet Union space program launched Sputnik 2 with the first living creature to travel in space, a dog named Laika. Space Dogs were the first living creatures to travel in outer space.


So much has been happened since 1957. Achievements include Apollo 11 moon landings with Neil Armstrong as the first man to walk on the moon. There have been various stations in orbit including Skylab, Mir and the latest one is the International Space Station which has visited by the Space Shuttle. In the future humans may return to the Moon, visit asteroids and onward to Mars and beyond.

Solar System

Our Solar System consists of 8 planets, moons, asteroids, comets, meteoroids, minor planets, interplanetary dust and other objects. The Sun is closest star to Earth.

The 8 planets are: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune.

Asteroid Belt: Region located between the orbits of the planets Mars and Jupiter.

Kuiper Belt includes Pluto. Oort Cloud is further out.

For your info

Great News: New Horizons the first mission to the explore Pluto and the Kuiper Belt and the mysterious worlds at the edge of our solar system is on its way.

Did you know?

Pluto is no longer officially a planet. It is now called a dwarf planet. Pluto was demoted by astronomers so there are now only eight planets.

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