The RD-0146 is a Russian cryogenic rocket engine developed in collaboration with Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne.

To meet evolving expendable launch requirements, Pratt & Whitney is offering the RD-0146, a cryogenic upper-stage engine designed and developed by the leading Russian cryogenic rocket engine developer, Chemiautomatics Design Bureau (CADB) of Voronezh, Russia. Designed to produce 22,000 pounds of thrust with a minimum vacuum ISP of 451 seconds, the RD-0146 employs the expander cycle, giving the engine greater operating range capability including multiple firings in space.

 RD-0146 Russian Rocket Engine Pic

CADB has developed over 60 different rocket engine models during its 60-year history, including the RD-0120 engine that formed the core for the Russian Energia vehicle. The RD-0146 demonstration phase is now underway with engine certification expected in 2004.


Thrust: 22,000 lb

Weight: 534 lb

Specific impulse, vacuum (minimum): 451 sec

Cycle: Full Expander

Propellants: LH2/LOX

Mixture Ratio: 6.0

Restarts: Multiple

Pratt & Whitney will make the necessary modifications and certify the engine for any non-Russian (CIS) vehicle application. Production engines will be delivered and supported by Pratt & Whitney.


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