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Space News

Tuesday 4th, March, 2014

Plato spacecraft,

Tuesday 11th, June, 2013

Shenzhou 10, ICESat-2.

Saturday 20th, April, 2013

Antares A-ONE,

Monday 4th, February, 2013

Asteroid Pictures,

Thursday 24th, January, 2013

Euclid Mission,

Thursday 17th, January, 2013

Bigelow Expandable Activity Module, Long March 9,

Friday 12th, January, 2013

Galaxy Pictures, Rakesh Sharma, Long March 9,

Thursday 4th, January, 2013

Mars Spirit Rover, Pictures of Comets, Also updated Space Launch System page.

Monday 10th, December, 2012

Helix Nebula, Christmas in Space

Saturday 1st December, 2012

Orion Exploration Flight Test 1, Thanksgiving in Space, Antares Rocket.

Tuesday 2nd, October 2012

Aurora Pictures, SpaceX Dragon CRS-1, Kuiper Belt,

Tuesday 25th, September, 2012

2013, Christmas in Space, Falcon 9, SpaceX Dragon.

Monday 20th, August, 2012

Voyager 2, 2013,

Monday 13th, August, 2012

Radiation Belt Storm Probes

Tuesday 19th, July, 2012.

Virgin Galactic, Nebula, Solar System Pictures, Sunrise Pictures, Astronaut, Space Station Pictures.

Monday 9th, July, 2012.

H-II Transfer Vehicle, Space Shuttle Pictures, Astronaut Pictures, Astronomer

Tuesday 19th, June, 2012.

Apollo 12. Last Sunday I updated the Space Projects Yahoo Club and added 50 new space pictures and a new post. I also added 12 new photo to the aerospaceguide yahoo newsletter site and I added the 1st space poll since 2005.

Sunday 10th, June, 2012.

Shenzhou 9, Hale-Bopp Comet.

Sunday 27th, May, 2012.

Crab Nebula

Sunday 6th, May, 2012.

Doctor Who Series 7, Shenzhou 9.

Wednesday 2nd, May, 2012.

JUICE Mission,

Monday 30th, April, 2012.

Space Shuttle Enterprise, Blue Origin,

Saturday 28th, April, 2012.

Boeing CST-100, Buckyballs in Space,

Tuesday 6th, March, 2012.

10th Birthday of

Sunday 4th, March, 2012.

Moons of the Solar System. Voyager 1, Added more info to Planet Saturn.

Sunday 26th, February 2012.

Black Hole.

Monday 20th, February 2012.

First American in Orbit,

Monday 30th, January 2012.

NASA Launches Facebook Game

Sunday 15th, January 2012.

Space Debris, also updated Phobos Grunt - it crashed on earth.

Tuesday 6th, December, 2011

The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe

Friday 11th, November, 2011

H-IIA rocket

Monday 31st, October, 2011

Giuseppe Colombo, Halloween in Space info and nice pics. Ha! Ha! Ha! Halloween is over. Did u know? Earth was crawling with costumed witches, ghouls and zombies.

Monday 11th, October, 2011

Space Launch System

Sunday 17th, April

STS-135, STS-134,

Monday 28th, March, 2011


Saturday 20th, February, 2011

Space Shuttle Discovery STS-133. Last night was the last time I visited the Internet Cafe working over night to 8am. Mind you I did no work I left at 5am feeling sick. Added Planet of the Spiders to Doctor Who Dvd.

Saturday 12th, February, 2011

First time edited site from home live on wifi.

Tuesday 1st, February, 2011

Asteroid Belt

Sunday 30th, January, 2011

Launch Schedule 2011, new design of the homepage. It is easier to read the dates on this page, I changed them dates from a lighter red to a darker red. Also made right column darker. Yesterday added first ad in Solar System.

Sunday 16th, December, 2010

John Glenn, added search engine to main sections.

Sunday 5th, December, 2010

Doctor Who Books, Doctor Who A Christmas Carol, Doctor Who 2011.

Tuesday 7th, September, 2010

Edwin Hubble

Sunday 30th, August, 2010

IKAROS, Solar Sails, Space Animals (books), Japanese Space Program.

Thursday 8th, June, 2010

X-37b, Iran in Space,

Sunday 18th, April, 2010

Doctor Who 2010, Space and Astronomy 2010, Space Games, Apollo Book.

Sunday 11th, April, 2010

NuSTAR Telescope, Space Shuttle Discovery STS-131, Doctor Who Action Figures,

Sunday 11th, October, 2009

Halley's Comet, District 9,

Thursday 23rd, April 2009

Moon Movie, Star Trek Dvd,

Sunday 20th, July, 2008

Space Chimps, WALL-E, Fly Me to the Moon, Apollo 13,

Sunday 22nd, June, 2008

Space Chimps (Interview), Davros, Doctor Who Christmas Special,

Monday 11th, February, 2008

Werner K. Dahm, Space Glossary, Israel in Space, STS-124.

Thursday 3rd, January, 2008

Shenzhou 7, Milky Way Galaxy, Torchwood Dvd, Doctor Who Season 4, EPOXI,

Sunday 16th, December, 2007

Kennedy Space Center, Canada in Space, Harmony Module, Sally Ride, Malaysia in Space,

Wednesday 21st, November, 2007

Space Shuttle Atlantis, STS-122, Super Mario Galaxy,

Wednesday 6th, November, 2007

Orbiting Carbon Observatory, Christa McAuliffe, Challenger Space Shuttle, Phobos Grunt

Thursday 23rd, August, 2007

Transformers Movie, Apollo 17, Sarah Jane Adventures, Space Model.

Wednesday 15th, August, 2007

Solar System, Space Dogs, RL10, RL10B-02: RL60, RD-0146, Cobra, Rocket Engines USA, National Space Centre

Thursday 2nd, August, 2007

Alpha Centauri, Spaceward Games and Laser Racers, Chang'e-1, James Webb Space Telescope,

Tuesday 31, July, 2007

STS-118, Space Shuttle STS-120, Barbara Morgan, Astronomy and Space 2008.

Thursday 19th, July, 2007

STS-125 Final Shuttle Mission to Hubble Space Telescope, Space Program, Torchwood, Doctor Who Episode Guide,

Wednesday 27th, June, 2007

Spitzer Space Telescope, Herschel Space Telescope, Columbus Module, Space Shuttle Endeavour STS-123,

Sunday 20th, May, 2007

Dawn Spacecraft, Viking Spacecraft

Thursday 19th, April, 2007

Space Shuttle Atlantis, Doctor Who, Vesta, New Horizons

Sunday 25th, February, 2007

Japanese Experiment Module, Pakistan Space Program, Aim Spacecraft

Wednesday 3rd, January, 2007

Moons of Pluto, Stereo Spacecraft, eclipses,

Sunday 12th, November, 2006

Apollo 15, Moon Book, Space Probe

Saturday 7th, October, 2006

STS-116, SpaceShipTwo, Ares I, Yakovlev Skylifter, Ares V.

Friday 1st September, 2006

Space Shuttle Atlantis STS-115, Orion,

Wednesday 21st, June, 2006

Gamma-ray Large Area Space Telescope, Space Shuttle launch date: 4th July for Space Shuttle Discovery STS-121 mission.

Sunday 15th, January, 2006

New: Astronomy Dvd, Space Shuttle Endeavour.

Sunday 6th, November, 2005

New: Shenzhou 6, Ascender Spaceplane, European Space Incubator,

Sunday 18th, September, 2005

New: Astronomy Software, Venus Express, Space and Astronomy (2006), Neil Armstrong, X-15, Space Elevator Games.

Sunday 7th, August, 2005

New: Canadian Arrow, PlanetSpace, Crew Exploration Vehicle

Saturday 25th, June, 2005

New: Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, War of the Worlds 2005, War of the Worlds

Thursday 5th May, 2005

New: Apollo 11, Planet Earth, Smart-1,

Sunday 24th, April, 2005

Near ShoemakerWomen in Space, Apollo DVD, Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy Dvd, Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy Book, Spiral.

Sunday 17th, March, 2005

Apollo Missions, Kliper, Mercury Spacecraft.

Sunday 23rd, January, 2005

Mars Science Laboratory, Moon, Mars DVD, Deep Impact spacecraft,

Sunday 14th, November, 2004

New: International Space Station Manned Missions, Jupiter Icy Moons Orbiter, X-43, Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter.

Sunday 8th, August, 2004

New: Pioneer 10, SpaceShipOne, 2005 Astronomy and Space, Pioneer 11, Military Books, Telescope Books, Casinni 

Sunday 16th, May, 2004

New: Lost in Space DVD, Rosetta Spacecraft, Planet Saturn, Star Wars DVD, Transit of Venus.

Sunday 25th, January, 2004

New: Extrasolar Planets, 2003 and 2004 events and space missions, Space Dvds - added Apollo, Gemini, Lost in Space, Battlestar Gallactica includes dvds, posters and t-shirt  and updated Proton Rocket.

Sunday 16th, February, 2003

New: Space Shuttle Columbia Disaster, Space Shuttle Model, Space Food. Updated Books: Astronomy Books, Russia, History, Exploration, Space Shuttle Books, stations, Space Women and Star Wars Books

Fri-Sat 17/18th August, 2002

Updated most of the world section, Vostok, Voshkod, Women in Space, Shenzou and more.

Wednesday 24th, June, 2002

Updated Planet Earth, Planet Saturn, Travel, and Space Books.

Tuesday 25th, June, 2002

Updated Space Propulsion, Planet Jupiter. Added Space Collectibles, Star Trek Merchandise and Space Models.

Sunday 15th, June, 2002

Added books Astronomy, Russia in Space,Space History, Space Exploration, Space Station, Star Wars.

Wednesday 20th, March, 2002

I added Star Trek Posters page. New Sputnik, Russia in Space books, updated space first, explorer 1 and N-1. Old Shuttle Page.

Sunday 17th, February, 2002 is the new home of Space Projects and Info.

Old Space News is being discontinued.

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