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Welcome to the AeroSpaceGuide's Meteorite section. If you are a meteorite buyer a good place to buy meteorites is to try an online auction site such as and

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Worldwide Treasure Bureau:: Meteorite Fragment with Clear Acrylic Stand (Artifacts)

Worldwide Treasure Bureau:: Meteorite Fragment with Clear Acrylic Stand (Artifacts)

 Meteorites have become very popular collectibles some of the most interesting and unusual minerals it's possible to acquire and own. There are even professional meteorite "chasers" who travel all over the globe in search of fragments from recently reported impacts. And it's little wonder they are willing to spend the significant amount of time and money needed, since finds of particularly rare types can yield huge profits sometimes thousands of dollars for wafer-thin slices weighing just a few grams.

We've recently acquired a small group of meteorite fragments which are just as interesting, but much more affordable. Brownish-black in color, with a shiny surface, they average about 1 1/2" in diameter, and weigh between 2 and 3 ounces. When you pick one up, you can't help but be surprised at how heavy it is for its size. This is due to the high density of this rare "octahedrite" type of meteorite, which is composed primarily of iron, along with a small amount of nickel. We were fascinated with these amazing chunks of metal from outer space, and we think you will be too. Each one comes with a clear acrylic stand, and will surely inspire fascination and conversation anywhere it is displayed.

Mars: The Red Planet Collection VHS

Mars: The Red Planet Collection DVD


Mars: The Red Planet Collection DVD

Two fascinating documentaries about the Red Planet. Life on Mars examines the incredible journey of meteorite ALH84001 from Mars to Earth and based upon study of this meteorite the possibility of life on Mars and other planets. Destination Mars makes the reverse journey -- focusing on NASA's efforts to land an astronaut on Mars by 2017.

Day It Came to Earth VHS

Day It Came to Earth VHS

Day It Came to Earth VHS

A 1977 homage to the B-movies of the 1950s THE DAY IT CAME TO EARTH finds a meteorite containing an alien life form crashing to Earth in the same pond as the corpse of a recently deceased Mafia murder victim in Little Rock AK. Meanwhile some students at a local college get the bright idea to use this pond to go swimming only to encounter the reanimated corpse which has become a flesh eating zombie.


Amulet Gemstones, Jewelry and Gifts:: Sterling and Meteorite Star Pendant with Snake Chain (Jewelry Sets)

Amulet Gemstones, Jewelry and Gifts:: Sterling and Meteorite Jewelery Star Pendant with Snake Chain (Jewelry Sets)


Amulet Gemstones, Jewelry and Gifts:: Sterling Meteorite and Peridot Earrings (Silver Earrings)

For Other Jewelery try

Amulet Gemstones, Jewelry and Gifts:: Sterling and Meteorite Star Pendant with Snake Chain (Jewelry Sets)

Imagine a huge fireball with a glowing tail streaking across the sky accompanied by an intense light comparable to the Sun. Hissing, clattering and thundering noises are heard, followed by an explosion-like rumble as the fireball collides with Earth! The Gibeon meteorite was discovered in a vast African desert close to Gibeon, Namibia in the early 1800's. Don't miss your chance to wear your very own piece of the heavens! Sterling and Meteorite star jewelry features pebbles of genuine Gibeon Meteorite!Earrings hang 1 1/2" on French earwires.Pendant on a slinky 18" snake chain.

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