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The Lost in Space TV Show page is a guide to the Lost in Space classic 1960s Science Fiction TV Show and includes info on the movie, Lost in Space DVD, video and more.

What was Lost in Space?

Lost in Space was created and produced by Irwin Allen. It was first shown on television on CBS on September 15, 1965. 

In 1988, a Movie version was also made. There are rumours that a new tv show is in the works.

Lost in Space Original TV Series was originally shown on television in the Usa from 1965 to 1968. 83 episodes were made in total of the Lost in Space Classic TV Show. It was shown for three seasons. Only the first season (29 episodes) was in black and white.

The TV Show was  about the Robinson Family who were on a mission to colonise Alpha Centauri. During the first episode Doctor Smith, a saboteur had become trapped aboard the Jupiter 2 and due to his sabotages the Jupiter 2 became Lost in Space.

The show was set in 1997 which was the distant future at the time of the shows making.

Who were the crew / cast of Lost in Space TV Show?

- Professor John Robinson (Guy Williams) was the father and was an astrophysicist. Guy Williams is also famously known as the star in Zorro TV Show.

- Maureen Robinson (June Lockhart) was the wife of John Robinson and was a biochemist. June Lockhart was also on Petticoat Junction tv show and Lassie.

- Will Robinson (Bill Mumy) was the only son in the Robinson Family. Bill Mumy has also featured in the Babylon 5 TV science fiction TV Series.

- Penny Robinson (Angela Cartwright) was the second daughter. Angela Cartwright appeared in the Sound of Music Film.

- Doctor Zachary Smith (Jonathan Harris) started in the first season as schemer. As the series progressed Dr Smith's character became more lazy, cowardly and humorous. One of Dr Smith's most famous saying was 'the pain, the pain'.

- Robot was the Environmental Control Robot (model B9). The Robot was created by Robert Kinoshita, the designer of Robby the Robot (Forbidden Planet). The actor in the Robot was Bob May. The voice of the Robot was by Dick Tufeld who also narrated the tv show.

- Judy Robinson (Marta Kristen) was the eldest daughter.

- Major Don West (Mark Goddard) was the pilot of the Jupiter 2.

Other Info:

* The space ship was called Jupiter 2. It looks like a flying saucer.

* The Space Pod was a mini manned spacecraft. It was show in Season 3.

* The Chariot was a ground based vehicle which used traction wheels and was used to transport the Robinsons.

* The Lost in Space theme music was written by John Williams. The first and second season used the same theme music and the same tv show intro and ending show. For the third and final season John Williams wrote a more up-beat theme and the tv show titles were changed and the intro used a count-down '7,6,5,...'.

- Space Opinion:

When you listen to the first theme it gives you a feeling as if they are Lost in Space. In the second theme, the music makes you feel like you are going on an adventure. - Leave your feelings and thoughts in our Space Projects Club!

Lost in Space - the Movie

In 1998 New Line Cinema made the movie which starred William Hurt, Gary Oldman and Matt Le Blanc. Dick Tufeld (from the classic Lost in Space TV show) was the voice of the Robot.  June Lockhart, Angela Cartwright, Marta Kristen and Mark Goddard made a cameo appearance in the movie. Unfortunately Jonathon Harris did not appear.

Did you know?

* Irwin Allen produced other famous TV shows. These included Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, Time Tunnel and Land of the Giants. He also produced the movies Poseidon Adventure (1972) and the Towering Inferno (1974).

* A Lost in Space cartoon / animation was produced by Hanna-Barbera in 1973. It only featured Dr Smith and the Robot.

*There are rumours of a new tv show is in the making and may be shown in late 2004 in the USA.


Lost in Space DVD - Season One (1965)


Ideas for New Show:

Lost in Space

Dealing with life, family, relationships, the environment and technology.

Monsters/Villains/Special Guests

Mr. Arcon: Was seen in the last episode of Season 2 in the episode titled "The Galaxy Gift". This episode also featured the Saticons.


Amphibian Fish like 2 legged creature.

Season 1

1. Become Lost:

2. Cave of Memories:

3. Space Tourists: Space Tourists watch the J2 crew, but the J2 crew do not realise they are around.

4. Space Museum:

5. Message in the Bottle: Find artefacts. These include maps and food stuffs and pictures. Who were the aliens?

Season 4

1. Space Robot: Find a robot in space frozen suspended animation in a spacecraft. It is living its last days. Why was in in suspended animation? Is the robot from earth? Is it a failed experiment?

2. Maureen Story: Maureen is possessed by an Alien wanting to return home. Maureen and the alien have a mind battle and there are scenes where the are fighting. Maureen at first seems to be winning the mind battle so the Alien tries to upset members of the crew so Maureen mind gets confused. Maureen gains control again so the Alien takes over the J2 and crashes it. Some of the J2 crew are tied up and locked in their rooms.

3. Don and Judy: Don and Judy are taken to a paradise where there is only nature and they have to survive. They have no technology. Somehow there are fluxes in time and you view what happens if they were marooned alone. Don and Judy have children. What happens in the end, I have still not worked it out.

4. Earth 2 Story:

5. Return to Earth: Featuring the Saticons.

6. Revenge of the Robotoid: The episode with the Robotoid becoming re-activated and searching for the Robinsons. The Robotoid follows the hyperdrive trail. The robotoid was first seen in the first season "War of the Robots".

7. Verda Story:

8. Matter Transfer Story: Met an alien that explains in how to build one, but in the end the information is taken back.

9. Meet Aeolus Umbra in Space: Smith does not realise its them and he gets hypnotised and the J2 gets bugged.

10. Space Rupture: Met Future Robinsons and they try to prevent the future event happening.

11. Space Door:  John and Maureen are planning to enter the Space Pod on the Jupiter 2, but end up on a planet in another place.

12. Space Pod Crash - Also the Chariot falls down a cliff.

13. Jupiter 2 loses power in space.

14. Hungary Time: Land on a swampy planet which has quick sand and lots of nasty monsters. An Octopus Creature tries to swallow the J2. The Robot tries to communicate with it and it is not interested and in the end they have to destroy it.

15. The Jupiter 2 becomes flooded.

16. Planet Earth 2 - The planet is a mirage and is created by the Saticons.

17. Cave of Memories: Judy falls asleep and has dreams.

18. Space God: Met someone who acts as a god and controls primitives and at first finds the Robinsons a threat and then tries to make them stay. The god is a Holographic Creature. IN the end he is destroyed because the tries to trap the Robinsons in his world by destroying the way out. How created the Hologram?

19. War-like race intent on capturing J2 for access to technology.

20. Eye of the Storm - Ion Storm damages the J2 and put it into Hyperdrive. J2 loses control. In actual fact the computer system has been infected and has taken control.

21. Goodbye John - John Robinson is killed trying to save the family.

22. Chameleon -  A lonely Shape Shifter takes over Maureen and wants to go home, but when their minds disagree, the Shape Shifter tries to destroy the J2. To revive Maureen, she is shot in order for the Shape Shifter to leave her body.

23. Space Siren: Met 5 beautiful females that take over the men of the J2. Are they really human?

24. Bluff: Met aliens who pretend they are peaceful and want to swap technology, but in actual fact try to learn from the history from the Robinsons. These aliens talk fast and try to extract information as quick as possible. They act like spongers. Are they human like? or are they spongey creatures.

25. Blast Off - met Space Probe. It tries to destory the Jupiter 2. The Space Probe gets blown up, but a piece of destroyed debris hits Space Pod and one of the legs drops off. The Space Pod is on out of control and heading for a crash landing on a planet. The episode ends.

26.Repair in Space - The Jupiter is badly damaged and repairs are carried out in space.

Season 5

Lessons of Love: Penny gets jealous of Judy because she is having a relationship with Don. Penny tries to get Don's attention as he teachers her in how to fly the Space Pod.


Returning from a planet they go through a radiation belt

Pick up a kid that has lived his life amongst aliens. Is the kid from earth? Was he abducted by Aliens?

Space Pod crashes in water

While the J2 is landing on a planet, power is lost and ends up crashing. The Robot loses power. A machine sucks the energy.

Penny dieing by eating a poisonous planet

Ants infect J2 and eat metal.

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