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The International Space Station Missions page lists all the manned missions to the ISS in chronological order. The information includes the space vehicles involved and the crew names.


STS-88 Endeavour (4-15 December, 1998)

Robert D. Cabana (USA)
Nancy J. Currie (USA)
Sergei K. Krikalev (Russia)
James H. Newman (USA)
Jerry L. Ross (USA)
Frederick W. Sturckow (USA)


STS-96 Discovery (27 May - 6 June, 1999)

Daniel T. Barry (USA)
Rick D. Husband (USA)
Tamara E. Jernigan (USA)
Ellen Ochoa (USA)
Julie Payette (Canada)
Kent V. Rominger (USA).
Valery Ivanovich Tokarev (Russia)


STS-101 Atlantis (19 - 29 May, 2000)

James D. Halsell, Jr. (USA)
Susan J. Helms (USA)
Scott J. Horowitz (USA)
Yury V. Usachev (Russia)
James S. Voss (USA)
Mary E. Weber (USA)
Jeffrey N. Williams (USA)

STS-106 Atlantis (8- 19 September, 2000)

Scott D. Altman (USA)
Daniel C. Burbank (USA)
Edward T. Lu (USA)
Yuri Ivanovich Malenchenko (Russia)
Richard A. Mastracchio (USA)
Boris V. Morukov (Russia)
Terrence W. Wilcutt (USA)

STS-92 Discovery (11 - 24 October, 2000)

Leroy Chiao(USA)
Brian Duffy (USA)
Michael E. Lopez (USA)
William S. McArthur (USA)
Pamela A. Melroy (USA)
Koichi Wakata (Japan)
Peter J.K. Wisoff (USA)

Soyuz TM-31 (31 October, 2000 - 6 May, 2001)

Yuri Gidzenko (Russia)
Sergei Krikalev (Russia)
William Shepherd (USA)

STS-97 Endeavour (30 November - 11 December, 2000)

Michael J. Bloomfield (USA)
Marc Garneau (Canada)
Brent W. Jett
Carlos I. Noriega
Joseph R. Tanner


STS-98 Atlantis (7 - 20 February, 2001)

Kenneth D. Cockrell (USA)
Robert L. Curbeam (USA)
Marsha S. Ivins (USA)
Thomas D. Jones (USA)
Mark L. Polansky (USA)

STS-102 Discovery (8 - 21 March, 2001)

Susan J. Helms (USA)
James M. Kelly (USA)
Paul Richards (USA)
Andrew S. W. Thomas (USA)
Yury V. Usachev (Russia)
James S. Voss (USA)
James D. Wetherbee (USA)

STS-100 Endeavour (19 April -  1 May, 2001)

Jeffrey S. Ashby (USA)
Umberto Guidoni (USA)
Chris A. Hadfield (Canada)
Scott E. Parazynski (USA)
John L. Phillips
Kent V. Rominger
Yuri Valentinovich Lonchakov (Russia)

Soyuz TM-32 (28 April - 6 May, 2001)

Yuri Baturin (Russia)
Talgat Musabayev (Russia)
Dennis Tito (Space Tourist, USA)

STS-104 Atlantis (12 - 24 July, 2001)

Michael L. Gernhardt (USA)
Charles O. Hobaugh (USA)
Janet L. Kavandi (USA)
Steven W. Lindsey (USA)
James F. Reilly (USA)

STS-105 Discovery (10 - 22 August, 2001)

Daniel T. Barry (USA)
Frank L. Culbertson (USA)
Vladimir N. Dezhurov (Russia)
Patrick G. Forrester (USA)
Scott J. Horowitz (USA)
Frederick W. Sturckow (USA)
Mikhail Turin (Russia)

Soyuz TM-33 (21 October, 2001 - 5 May, 2002)

Viktor M. Afanasyev (Russia)
Claudie Haignere (CNES, France)
Konstantin Kozeyev (Russia)

STS-108 Endeavour (5 - 17 December, 2001)

Daniel W. Bursch (USA)
Linda M. Godwin (USA)
Dominic L. Gorie (USA)
Mark E. Kelly (USA)
Yuri I. Onufrienko (Russia)
Daniel M. Tani (USA)
Carl E. Walz (USA)


STS-110 Atlantis (8 - 19 April, 2002)

Michael J. Bloomfield (USA)
Stephen N. Frick (USA)
Lee M.E. Morin (USA)
Ellen Ochoa (USA)
Jerry L. Ross (USA)
Steven L. Smith (USA)
Rex J. Walheim (USA)

Soyuz TM-34 (25 April - 10 November, 2002)

Yuri Gidzenko (Russia)
Mark Shuttleworth (Space Tourist, South Africa)
Roberto Vittori (CNES, France)

STS-111 Endeavour (5 - 19 June, 2002)

Franklin R. Chang-Diaz (USA)
Kenneth D. Cockrell (USA)
Paul S. Lockhart (USA)
Valery G. Korzun (Russia)
Philippe Perrin (CNES, France)
Sergei Y. Treschev (Russia)
Peggy A. Whitson (USA)

STS-112 Atlantis (7 - 18 October, 2002)

Jeffrey S. Ashby (USA)
Sandra H. Magnus (USA)
Pamela A. Melroy (USA)
Piers J. Sellers (USA)
David A. Wolf (USA)
Fyodor N. Yurchikhin (Russia)

Soyuz TMA-1 (30 October 30, 2002 - 4 May, 2003)

Yuri Lonchakov (Russia)
Frank De Winne (CNES, Belgium)
Sergei Zalyotin (Russia)

STS-113 Endeavour (24 November - 7 December, 2002)

Kenneth D. Bowersox (USA)
Nikolai M. Budarin (Russia)
John B. Herrington (USA)
Paul S. Lockhart (USA)
Michael E. Lopez (USA)
Donald R. Pettit (USA)
James D. Wetherbee (USA)


The construction of the International Space Station stopped due to the Space Shuttle Columbia disaster on 1 February 1, 2003. All crew flights continued via the Russian Soyuz spacecraft.

Soyuz TMA-2 (28 April - 28 October, 2003)

Edward Tsang Lu (USA)
Yuri Ivanovich Malenchenko (Russia)

Soyuz TMA-3 (18 October, 2003 - 29 April, 2004)

Pedro Duque (ESA, Spain)
Michael Foale (USA)
Alexander Kaleri (Russia)


Soyuz TMA-4 (19 April - 24 October, 2004)

Edward Fincke (USA)
Andre Kuipers (ESA, Netherlands)
Gennady Padalka (Russia)

Soyuz TMA-5 (14 October, 2004 - 24 April, 2005)

Leroy Chiao (USA)
Yuri Shargin (Russia)
Salizhan Sharipov (Russia)


Soyuz TMA-6 (15 April, 2005 - October, 2005)

Sergei Krikalev (Russia)
John Phillips (USA)
Roberto Vittori - (ESA)

Astronaut Roberto Vittori returned April 24, 2005 with Expedition 10 on Soyuz TMA-5.

STS-114 Discovery (26 July, 2005 - 9 August, 2005)

Eileen M. Collins (USA)
James M. Kelly (USA)
Soichi Noguchi (Japan)
Stephen K. Robinson (USA)
Andrew Thomas (USA)
Wendy Lawrence (USA)
Charles Camarda (USA)

The flight was the Space Shuttle return to flight mission.

Soyuz TMA-7 (1 October, 2005 - 8 April, 2006)

William McArthur (USA)
Valery Ivanovich Tokarev (Russia)
Gregory Olsen (the third space tourist)

Deliver Expedition 13 crew. Gregory Olsen returned to Earth with the Expedition 11 crew on Soyuz TMA-6 on October 11, 2005.


Soyuz TMA-8 (30 March, 2006 - 29 September, 2006)

Pavel Vinogradov (Russia)
Jeffrey Williams (USA)
Marcos Pontes (Brazil) - the first Brazilian in space

Marcos Pontes returned to Earth on Soyuz TMA-7 on April 8, 2006 with the crew of Expedition 12.

STS-121 Discovery (4 July, 2006 - 17 July, 2006)

Steven W. Lindsey (USA)
Mark E. Kelly (USA)
Michael E. Fossum (USA)
Piers Sellers (USA)
Lisa Nowak (USA)
Stephanie Wilson (USA)
Thomas Reiter (ESA Germany) - deliver to ISS.

STS-121 was the second return to flight mission visiting the ISS.

STS-115 Atlantis (9 September, 2006 - 21 September, 2006)

Brent Jett  (USA)
Christopher Ferguson (USA)
Joseph Tanner (USA)
Daniel Burbank (USA)
Heidemarie Stefanyshyn-Piper (USA)
Steve MacLean (Canada)

STS-115 was the first shuttle mission to resume the construction of the ISS.

Soyuz TMA-9 (18 September, 2006 - 20 March, 2007)

Mikhail Tyurin (Russia)
Michael Lopez-Alegria (USA)
Anousheh Ansari (Iran / USA ) - first female space tourist

Anousheh Ansari returned to Earth on Soyuz TMA-8 on September 29, 2006 with the crew of Expedition 13.

STS-116 Discovery (7 December, 2006 - 18 December, 2006)

Mark Polansky (USA)
William Oefelein (USA)
Robert Curbeam (USA)
Joan Higginbotham (USA)
Nicholas Patrick (USA)
Christer Fuglesang (USA)
Sunita Williams (USA)

STS-116 is the second shuttle mission to resume the construction of the ISS. Thomas Reiter will return to Earth on this mission.


STS-117 Atlantis (22 February, 2007 - 6 March, 2007)

Frederick Sturckow (USA)
Lee Archambault (USA)
James F. Reilly (USA)
John Olivas (USA)
Patrick G. Forrester (USA)
Steven Swanson (USA)

Soyuz TMA-10 (9 March, 2007 - 12 September, 2007)

Fyodor Yurchikhin (Russia )
Oleg Kotov (Russia)
Charles Simonyi (USA) - perhaps fifth space tourist


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