History of Space Projects and Info Web Site

Space Projects and Info Web site officially started in April, 2000. The start was a bit rough because I was restricted in using Tripod as the editor. Tripod Web Space is free, but the only catch was the pop-up banner. I have now gotten used to the banner.

In June, 2000, I bought the web name I only use it as a shortcut to get to Space Projects quickly. At the moment I cannot afford to get a proper web hosting  and hopefully if my monetary situation improves, then I will definitely do it.

I added the Google Search Engine, Free Email Services and Banners on the 1st August, 2000.

I added the Listbot Mailing List on September 28th, 2000. 

On 25th November, 2000, I had to drop the NBCi Destination Mir Banner due to the uncertain future of the Mir Space Station. Now I have kept a copy for historical purposes for all to see.

Since August, I have been using Front Page to edit the site and it has helped a lot. Unfortunately, I am restricted in the time I can edit the site because I edit it at the internet cafe at night and it costs 10 Irish pounds per night (17 US Dollars). It gets expensive after a while. I cannot afford my own computer and internet connection. Amazingly, I think I have done pretty well under the conditions.

The only way I can make money with the site is if people click on the banners or purchase products via the Space Shop. I encourage all users to explore the banners and if possible purchase your products from the Space Shop.

'Planet Venus Mission' was the 1st Music Video made for AeroSpaceGuide. The music created by Vic Stathopoulos. It was added on Youtube on Sunday 8th August 2010. celebrated its 10th birthday on 6 March 2012.

AeroSpaceGuide on Tumblr was created on Sunday 18th, June, 2012.

Thank you for supporting Aerospaceguide: Space Projects and Info.

Vic Stathopoulos 

Web Master (Dublin, Ireland)

To read more about the changes to Space Projects, please refer to the Space Projects and Info News Section.

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