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Doctor Who Toys

This page has various of the best Doctor Who toys ranging from action figures, daleks, cybermen, davros and others from the new series to the classic Dr Who series. Check shipping info before you order.

Selection of Toys to view or buy.

Doctor Who 11th Doctor's Flight Control Tardis

Imported from the UK! Take the Doctor and Amy Pond for adventures across time and space with the Flight Controlled TARDIS R/C Model. Recreating the TARDIS's new design, this model is in scale with Underground Toys' 5' Doctor Who figures and the R/C control will let you drive the TARDIS across a flat surface or trigger the wheezing/grinding sound the TARDIS makes as it lands. 8.7 x 4.5 x 4.5 inches ; 1.6 pounds. 3 AAA batteries required.

Doctor Who - The Eleventh Doctor Sonic Screwdriver Replica (Light & Sound Effects)

Makes a great costume prop.
This Sonic Screwdriver measures approximately 9 inches long.
For ages 5+.
Requires 3 x L1154 batteries .

Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver Flashlight

The ultimate multipurpose tool! The Doctor's handy-dandy sonic screwdriver is the epitome of multifunctional gizmos. Whether it's driving a screw, picking a lock, or disabling an opponent, this amazing implement seems to exhibit the precise capability required by its owner at the time. Now this marvellous gadget can be yours! A terrific replica from the Doctor Who series, this 6 1/2-inch long Sonic Screwdriver Flashlight features a bright blue LED light and all the intricate details you need to impress your friends to the max. Batteries included. The sonic screwdriver is a fictional tool in the British sci-fi television series Doctor Who.

The Doctor's Time Lord Fob Watch

Ultimate Dr Who collectable, a replica of the Doctor's Fob Watch. A fully working watch with a chain, the fob has detailed engraving on the case and Roman numerals on the face. Also features speech, light and sound effects.

When the Doctor had to turn himself human to avoid the Family of Blood, he placed his Time Lord consciousness and true physiology inside a small ornate fob watch, which he then kept nearby at all times while he lived the life of school teacher John Smith. Although he had no memory of ever being the Doctor, and thought of himself as truly human, when the watch was opened, all the real 'Doctor' flooded back into him, turning him once more into the Time Lord he actually was. The Doctor's oldest, bitterest enemy, the Master - another Time Lord - also had a fob watch and after escaping the devastation of the Great Time War, he too created a human persona for himself - the kindly professor Yana. When he opened his fob watch however, the Master was back, ready to take on the Doctor and threaten the very existence of the universe.

Doctor Who Electronic Flight Control Tardis Playset

Doctor Who Electronic Flight Control Tardis Playset

Yes! If you dig Doctor Who, you just gotta have one of these! After all, you can't time-travel without it and any Doctor Who collection would be incomplete devoid of a TARDIS. This incredible Electronic Flight Control TARDIS features lights and sounds that are activated by movement, and doors that open to accommodate your 5-inch tall action figures. (Sorry, you won't fit.) It's amazing! Don't leave this website without it.

Doctor Who Tardis Talking Money Bank

Doctor Who Tardis Talking Money Bank

Light & sound effects. Authentically modeled Tardis. Money release door in base. Requires 3 x AAA (not included).

Note: The picture on the bank may very.

Doctor Who Dalek Talking Alarm Clock Doctor Who Dalek Talking Alarm Clock

Add more Doctor Who to your life! Keep time with the Daleks with this alarm clock that talks. It's one timepiece you won't want to miss out on! This unique collectible features a digital face. Add more Doctor Who to your life, and keep time with the Daleks. This extraordinary Dalek Talking Alarm Clock is sure to help you wake up on time… or else! A miniaturized replica of the menacing Dalek, this unique collectible features a digital face. It's one timepiece you won't want to miss out on. Take home some Doctor Who today!

Doctor Who Tenth Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver Limited Edition Pack

Doctor Who Tenth Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver Limited Edition Pack

1:1 Scale replica ( about 7 inch long). Includes a hidden UV pen & UV light which reveals your secret writing. Slide-out Sonic wave emitter with 2 Sonic sound effects! Includes UV ink nib. Requires 3x AG13 Batteries (included)

Doctor Who Cyber Leader Voice Changer Helmet Doctor Who Cyber Leader Voice Changer Helmet

Enter the world of time and space with Doctor Who! Gadgets straight from the future! Add to your collection! As seen in the 2008 Christmas Special "The Next Doctor".

Featuring speech, light and sound effects! Requires 3x "AA" batteries (not included). Get yours today!

Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver Picture

Doctor Who - Sonic Screwdriver

Includes a hidden UV pen & UV light which reveals your secret writing. Button activated lights & 'Sonic Screwdriver' sound effects. Includes wallet with "Wipe-Clean" paper. UV ink nib and black ink nib. Requires 3x AG13 Batteries (included).

For Age: 5 years and up.

WARNING:  CHOKING HAZARD -- Small parts. Not for children under 3 yrs.

'The End of Time' Journal of Impossible Things & the Master's Ring.

Journal features: 78 Printed Pages, Leather Style Cover, and 22 Blank Pages for you to fill. The Master's Ring is adjustable to fit most fingers.

For ages 5+

Doctor Who Remote Control K-9

Doctor Who Remote Control K-9

Pre-Order now and delivery in January 2011 (estimated date / subject to change).

Command your own fully functioning K-9! This loyal companion to Doctor Who features movement, flashing lights & speech. Requires 4x "AA" batteries and 1x "9v" (not included).

Dr Who 3 Piece Dalek and Davros Set

Contains 3 Die Cast Pieces Grey Dalek, Black Dalek & Davros. Exclusive distribution via 1 online retailer. 5000 Set Limited Edition. Corgi quality die cast release. Increasing difficult to get hold of.

Dr. Who Infra Red Control Talking Davros

Yes, this ultra-rare Dr. Who collectible is in stock & ready to ship! Brand new & sealed in original Dr. Who collector's packaging! FULL INFRARED MOTION CONTROL! DAVROS SPEAKS AUTHENTIC DIALOGUE FROM THE SHOW!

Doctor Who Tardis USB 4 Port Powered Hub Station

Four port powered USB 2.0 hub - allows you to connect multiple USB devices to your computer. You can use the TARDIS as a non-powered hub by plugging it into your USB port and not using the power supply it comes with. When powered, and you plug it into the USB port on your computer, the blue light on the top lights up and when you plug anything into the TARDIS itself, it makes the classic 'dematerialisation' noise and the light slowly flashes on and off. There is a button on the back to switch the sound off if required! This fantastic item will make a great gift for any Dr Who fan or collector.

Doctor Who Journal of Impossible Things

Doctor Who Journal of Impossible Things (5+ years)

This book and pen set contains an A5 book with extremely detailed printed pages and blank pages for you to use you miniature Sonic Screwdriver pen with a realistic glowing blue to age .5+ AG3 button cell x 3.

The Doctor's Fob Watch Pic

Doctor Who Future Sonic Screwdriver with Lights and Sound

This future sonic screwdriver was seen in Series 4 and was used by Dr River Song from the Doctor's future. It includes light and sound effects.

For Ages 5 years and over.

Master Laser Screwdriver Image

Master Laser Screwdriver

Just as the Doctor has his trusty Sonic Screwdriver to get him out of any fix, the Master uses the less subtle Laser Screwdriver, a fearsome device that he uses mainly as a weapon to annihilate anyone who opposes him. Styled in faux chrome and brass this deadly device comes with lights and sound effects.,

Radio Controlled Davros Dalek

12" Radio Controlled Davros Dalek (5+ years)

The Doctor’s ultimate enemy in the Series 4 finale, this 12" Radio Control Davros has full movement control and phrases such as “Welcome to my new empire, Doctor". Davros requires 4x AA included. Controller requires 1x9V not included.

Doctor Who and Davros Statue

Doctor Who and Davros Statue

It's the fourth Doctor versus the Daleks! This piece is from the episode titled "Genesis of the Dalek's," from the fourth Doctor Who series, starring Tom Baker. In this episode, the Doctor and his companions are transported to the planet Skaro to prevent the creation of the Daleks. In this piece, the creator of the Daleks faces a struggle between the Doctor and death. The Doctor has threatened to switch off his life support, unless Davros orders the mutants, destruction. Davros' expression is one of determination, even though he is near certain death. The Doctor has an angry grimace on his face, one also of determination. Limited edition of 900 pieces.

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