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Doctor Who 2007 is series 3. It features David Tennant as the tenth Doctor and Freema Agyeman as Martha Jones. The exciting season features the Daleks, Jack Harkness from Torchwood and the Return of the Master. This series deals with the Face of Boe's final message and the mysterious Mr Saxon.

2007 Episode Guide

The 2007 Season consists of 13 episodes. The following is a list of the names of the episodes and original UK viewing dates:

Series 3 (Tenth Doctor)

1. Smith and Jones - 31 March 2007
Writer: Russell T. Davies

On meeting the mysterious John Smith, medical student Martha Jones finds her life turned upside down. A lightning storm and some upside down rain sends the Royal Hope Hospital to the Moon and Martha must cope with the brutal Judoon, an intergalactic police force and a blood-sucking Plasmavore. John Smith, her ally in the crisis, soon proves he is no ordinary patient. This is the first episode of the new companion Martha Jones and it is also the first time the Judoon appear in the series.

2. The Shakespeare Code - 7 April 2007
Writer: Gareth Roberts

The Doctor takes Martha on her first trip in the TARDIS. Arriving in Elizabethan England in 1599, they meet William Shakespeare who is writing his play Love's Labour's Won. However, evil, witch-like Carrionites plot to end the world by placing a code in the new play's closing dialogue. Shakespeare will have to give the performance of his life in order to save the Earth.

3. Gridlock - 14 April 2007
Writer: Russell T. Davies

The Doctor returns to a much grittier New Earth with Martha, to meet the Face of Boe one final time. But as New New York becomes a deadly trap, the streets are deserted except for shady Pharmacists. The Doctor and Martha must brave the ordeal of the mysterious Motorway in order to discover the terrible secrets at the heart of the city. At the end of the episode the Face of Boe tells his final words to the Doctor 'You are not alone', meaning that the Doctor is not the last Time Lord. The Doctor does not believe him, but is the Face of Boe right?

4. Daleks in Manhattan (Part 1) - 21 April 2007
Writer: Helen Raynor

In New York, 1930, in the midst of the Depression, people are disappearing: the homeless, the poor, the starving and huddled masses. Savage pig creatures hide in the sewers and at the bottom of the Empire State Building, some of the Doctor's greatest and oldest enemies, the Daleks, are at work preparing their most horrific plan yet. The Doctor and Martha must team up with the locals to defeat the Daleks and prevent an already depressed city from total ruin.

5. Evolution of the Daleks (Part 2)- 28 April 2007
Writer: Helen Raynor

Sec is reborn as a Dalek-human hybrid. The Cult of Skaro's plan is in full force. The Pig Slaves launch an enormous assault upon the Central Park Hooverville along with the remaining pure Daleks. The Doctor, Martha, Solomon and the others must fight for their lives, while the future of humans and Daleks alike is being decided underneath the Empire State Building.

6. The Lazarus Experiment - 5 May 2007
Writer: Stephen Greenhorn

Earth, London, present day. The Doctor, Martha and her family attend a scientific demonstration by the aged Professor Lazarus. But when the experiment goes wrong, a horrific product of genetic manipulation is unleashed, leaving a trail of death in its mission to live indefinitely. Meanwhile the wheels of a deadly trap are set in motion.

7. 42 - 12 May 2007
Writer: Chris Chibnall

The Doctor arrives on board SS Pentallian, which is on a collision course with the Sun. The Doctor has 42 minutes to uncover the saboteurs, but with a mysterious force starting to possess and murder the ship's crew, the Doctor and Martha are running out of time. Members of the crew are being possessed and Martha gets stuck in a pod which will be catapulted into the Sun. The Doctor has only minutes to save her and the entire crew.

8. Human Nature (Part 1) - 19 May 2007.
Writer: Paul Cornell

England, 1913. An ordinary schoolteacher called John Smith is disturbed by extraordinary dreams of adventures in time and space  and a mysterious blue box. However, when lights in the sky herald the arrival of "The Family", Smith's maid, Martha, has to convince him that he alone can save the world, that he is the man that he dreams about.

The story is told partly in flashback to scenes in which the TARDIS is being pursued, under attack using some kind of energy beam weapon. The Doctor tells Martha that those who are pursuing him could trace him across the universe, and he must undergo a transformation to turn him into a human. His pursuers are dying, the Doctor says. His plan is to transform into a human for three months, by which time those beings should all be dead. His Time Lord configuration is stored in a fob watch and Martha is charged with guarding it.

9. The Family of Blood (Part 2) - 26 May 2007.
Writer: Paul Cornell

With the Doctor still human, only can Martha help. The watch is still missing, and the Family of Blood will do anything to get their hands on a Time Lord. It is 1913 in England and war has come a year in advance as the terrifying Family hunt for the Doctor. But when John Smith refuses to accept his destiny as a Time Lord, the women in his life (Martha and Joan) have to help him decide.

10. Blink - 2 June 2007
Writer: Steven Moffat

Sally Sparrow is a photographer investigating disappearances in an old abandoned house. But, inside, the Weeping Angels are waiting. She must decipher several messages from 1969, all directed at her from a strange man called the Doctor. The Doctor is lost in time and within the walls of an old, abandoned house, murder is afoot and the Weeping Angels await.

11. Utopia (Part 1) - 9 June 2007
Writer: Russell T. Davies

Captain Jack Harkness reunites with the Doctor and the TARDIS is thrown out of control to the end of the universe. There they meet Professor Yana, who is working on a means to save the remnants of humanity while a race known as the "Futurekind" attempt to thwart his plans.

Professor Yana is the human incarnation of the Master. Martha Jones inadvertently causes Yana to question the broken fob watch that contains his Time Lord essence, allowing the Master persona to take hold once more. He is mortally wounded during a struggle, regenerating into a new incarnation played by John Simm. The Master then steals the Doctor's TARDIS and arrives in present-day Earth, having been forced to arrive there by the Doctor. Professor Yana is played by Sir Derek Jacobi.

Did you know?

After being brought back to life in The Parting of the Ways(series 2) Captain Jack Harkness was just left on the Gamestation by the Doctor and Rose. In this episode, Captain Jack Harkness storms back into the Doctor's life and the TARDIS is thrown to the end of the universe itself.

The episodes Human Nature and The Family of Blood introduced the concept of the Chameleon Arch which provide a plausible explanation for the Master's return in Utopia.

12. The Sound of Drums (Part 2) - 16 June 2007
Writer: Russell T. Davies

The Master arrives in the 21st Century as Harold Saxon, Prime Minister and the world enters a period of terror when contact with an unknown alien race the Master calls the Toclafane is announced. What are Saxon's dark ambitions?

In this episode it is revealed that the Time Lords resurrected the Master to serve as a soldier in the Time War. However he fled the war in fear before its end and is ignorant of its outcome. He disguised himself as a human via the same process the Doctor himself used in Human Nature, a Chameleon Arch that stores his Time Lord nature and memories in a fob watch and allows him to become biologically human and hid at the end of the universe as benevolent scientist Professor Yana.

13. Last of the Time Lords (Part 3) - 23 June 2007
Writer: Russell T. Davies

The Final episode of Series 3. One year after the events of The Sound of Drums, the Master has conquered Earth and enslaved its population. He holds the aged Doctor prisoner and prepares warships for a new Time Lord Empire. Now it is up to Martha Jones to carry out the Doctor's plan to save the world.

In this episode, the immortal Captain Jack Harkness speculates how long he may live and how he may look after millions of years, before mentioning having been a poster boy as a kid in the Boeshane Peninsula, and the "first one ever to be signed up for the Time Agency", accomplishments that earned him the nickname 'the Face of Boe'. This astonishes Martha and the Doctor.

Christmas Special 2007 - Voyage of the Damned

Astrid, Kylie Minogue in Voyage of the Damned Doctor Who Christmas Special Picture

Voyage of the Damned was the 2007 Doctor Who Christmas Special. It was 72 minutes in length and was screen on BBC1 at 7pm 25 December 2007. It was written by Russell T. Davies

Kylie Minogue, the singer/actress plays a major lead role in this episode as as Astrid.

This episode featured the first appearance of Wilfred Mott, future companion to the Tenth Doctor and grandfather to Donna Noble.

Did you know?

* In the 1960's two Doctor Who Films were made starring Peter Cushing:
1. Dr. Who and the Daleks (1965)
2. Daleks - Invasion Earth 2150 AD (1966)

Catherine Tate

London-born Catherine Tate studied at the Central School of Speech and Drama and Royal National Theatre before spending a year with the Royal Shakespeare Company. Only then did she turn her hand to stand-up comedy.

Catherine appeared such series as the Channel 4 sketch show Barking, That Peter Kay Thing and The Harry Hill Show before becoming part of Lee Mack's Perrier-nominated New Bits show at Edinburgh in 2000. She returned to the festival the following year with her own, one-woman show.

Parts in Big Train, Attention Scum and the television version of the satirical website TVGoHome soon followed.

After being offered the role of Angela in mainstream Dawn French comedy Wild West, Catherine went on to develop her own hugely successful sketch show for BBC2 - The Catherine Tate Show.

Catherine has recently spent more time in dramatic roles, with recent appearances in Bleak House and several British feature films.

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