Yakovlev Design Bureau

The Yak Aircraft Corporation (formerly the A.S. Yakovlev Design Bureau JSC) is a Russian aircraft designer and manufacturer.

Ya-10, Yakovlev

Ya-20, Yakovlev

Ya-22, Yakovlev

Yak-1, Yakovlev  - WWII fighter (1940)

Yak-2, Yakovlev - WWII bomber (1940)

Yak-3, Yakovlev

Yak-4, Yakovlev

Yak-5, Yakovlev

Yak-6, Yakovlev

Yak-7, Yakovlev

Yak-8, Yakovlev

Yak-9, Yakovlev

Yak-10, Yakovlev

Yak-11, Yakovlev 'Moose'

Yak-12, Yakovlev 'Creek'

Yak-13, Yakovlev

Yak-14, Yakovlev

Yak-14, Yakovlev 'Mare'

Yak-15, Yakovlev 'Feather'

Yak-16, Yakovlev

Yak-17, Yakovlev 'Feather' / 'Magnet'

Yak-18, Yakovlev 'Max'

Yak-19, Yakovlev

Yak-21, Yakovlev 'Feather'

Yak-23, Yakovlev 'Flora'

Yak-24, Yakovlev 'Horse'

Yak-25, Yakovlev

Yak-25, Yakovlev 'Flashlight' 'Mangrove' 'Mandrake'

Yak-26, Yakovlev

Yak-27, Yakovlev 'Flashlight' / 'Mangrove'

Yak-28, Yakovlev 'Brewer' / 'Maestro' / 'Firebar'

Yak-30, Yakovlev

Yak-30, Yakovlev

Yak-32, Yakovlev

Yak-36, Yakovlev 'Freehand'

Yak-36M, Yakovlev 'Forger'

Yak-38, Yakovlev 'Forger'

Yak-41, Yakovlev 'Freestyle'

Yak-44, Yakovlev

Yak-50, Yakovlev

Yak-52, Yakovlev

Yak-120, Yakovlev

Yak-125, Yakovlev

Yak-130- Advanced Trainer (1996)

Yak-140, Yakovlev

Yak-141, Yakovlev 'Freestyle'

Yak-1000, Yakovlev-high-speed research aircraft

Yak-RD, Yakovlev


Yakovlev Aircraft Since 1924 (Putnam's Russian Aircraft) byBill Gunston, Yefim Gordon
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Yakovlev, Yak-25/-26/-27/-28: Yakovlev's Tactical Twinjets from Amazon.com



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