TU-160 Black Jack

Tu-160 Black Jack is Russia's Premiere Bomber. Is the B1-B better? It is larger than the B1-B. What do you think?

There were plans in the 1990's to use the Tupolev Tu-160 as a launch platform for Burlak - Air-Launched Satellite Launcher.


Type: Long Range Bomber

Powerplants: Four NK-321 Kuzenestov 25, 000 kg thrust afterburning turbofans.

Empty Weight: 118, 000 kg

Max. Take-Off Weight: 275, 000 kg

Span: 55.70 m 

Length: 54.10 m 

Height: 13.10 m

Speed: 2,220 km/h

Range: 12,300 km  unrefuelled

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