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Aerospace News

Thursday 26th, April, 2012

Its hard to believe, but this is the first time since 2005 I have edited the aviation section. I have fixed one page on the Joint Strike Fighter which I created in 2001 and changed the main text font on x-32. I also updated F-117A Night Hawk which was a half-baked page. I added the aviation sections to the aviation homepage. The actual aviation homepage needs alot of work to get upto date. In actual fact the whole aviation / aircraft section needs alot of work.

Sunday 11th, December, 2005

Today removed SPI pages totally and updated all the pages.

Tuesday 11th, February, 2003

Add Radio Controlled Aircraft, Aircraft Video, Aviation Model, Aviation Poster, Aviation Magazine, Aviation Books, Cheap Plane Ticket and Aviation Watch.

Sunday 11th, November, 2002

Added Mig-At. Updated Yak 130, World War 2 Aircraft.

Sunday 28th, October, 2001

Transformed rest of this web site to white background. Updated F-22 and Aircraft Manufacturer.

Monday 24th, September, 2001

Added little newsletter icon on the Home Page and worked on some pages. Aviation Gift.

Sunday 12th, August, 2001

Tried to enhance the Home Page so it is easier to find the newsletter! All updated Aviation Links and changed it to 3 column with white background - easier to read. Quickly started F-117. I actually forgot to finish JSF.

Sunday 22nd, July 2001

Re-designed the Home Page! It took about 6 hours. Plus I added a new page - Boeing's X-32. I was also working on the JSF Page.

Sunday 1st, July 2001

New Page Antonov An-225: World's Largest Aircraft and newsletter so you can read the latest and old newsletters. Changed the Lisbot Newsletter to Yahoo Groups. Updated Yak 130 and Tu-160 Black Jack.

Friday 27th April, 2001

Added Boeing Sonic Cruiser. Added text to B1-B and added some links around the site.

Sunday 25th, March, 2001

Red-wrote the Contact Info page - added an affillate program. Added more links to the site.

Saturday 24th, March, 2001

Added 2 new pages: B-2A Stealth Bomber and Ekranoplans. Updated F-22 -added brief history and improved the layout of the page. Plus added a few links to various aircraft.

Sunday 25th, February, 2001

Added info and banner to Mig-1.44, Su-27 and  more. If you read this, then please join the mailing list so you know when the web site is updated. Thank you for visiting. Coming soon info on X-Planes.

Saturday 27th, January, 2001

Added Link-Dron's Air Page

Friday 26th, January, 2001

Added Yak-130. Moved Aircraft Links from the Space Section here! Fixed parts of pages! Added NBCi serach Engine to Main Page!

Thursday 25th, January, 2001

Added Listbot Mailing List to most pages including the Main Section! Added lots of links and fixed the pictures.

Friday 1st, December, 2000

Updated Aerospace Guide Home Page and added a counter to all pages.

Sunday 20th, August, 2000

Added return to home page to all pages.

Thursday 18th, May, 2000

Created this Web Site today. It will take a while to get the web going! I need time to compile the info etc!

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