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Mig-At is an advanced combat jet trainer - light attack aircraft. It was designed to replace the Aero L-29 Delfin and L-39 Albatros in the Russain Air Force. Its Russian competitor is the Yak-130.

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Mig-At - Jet Trainer


The Russian Air Force initiated a competition for a new generation Jet Trainer in 1981. The competitors in the design competition were Myasishchev M-200, Sukhoi S-54 and Yakovlev Yak-130.

In 1982, Mig-At and Yak-130 were approved for prototype development. The S-54 was disqualified because it only used a single engine.

In September 1992, Mig signed an agreement with France's SNECMA in the use of the Larzac 04-R20 engine for the Mig-At.

Variants may include a naval trainer and a light combat attack aircraft.

Mig-At Specification


Nation of origin: Russia

Function: Combat jet trainer - light attack aircraft.

Engine: Two SNECMA Larzac 04-R20 turbofan for prototype for export and the Soyuz Rd-1700 for the Russian Air Force.

Wing span: 10.2m

Length: 12m

Height: 4.6m

Weights: 5,200-5690kg; Max Takeoff: 7000kg

Speed: Mach 0.85. At sea level 850km/hr

Take-off Speed: 180-220 km/hr

Weapon Load: 2000kg


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