B1-B Lancer - Strategic Bomber

B1-B Lancer - Strategic Bomber

B1- B Lancer is a Strategic Bomber. It was built by Rockwell International, North American Aircraft. It is similar to Tupolev's Tu-160. It was first deployed in  June 1985. Each unit cost $200-plus million per aircraft.

B1-B Lancer


B-1B Lancer - Bomber

Type: Long-range, multi-role, heavy bomber

Powerplants: 4 General Electric F-101-GE-102 turbofan engine with afterburner

Empty Weight: Empty, approximately 86,183 kilograms

Thrust: 30,000-plus pounds with afterburner, per engine

Maximum Take-Off Weight: 216,634 kilograms

Span: 15m 

Length: 41.8 meters extended forward, 24.1 meters swept aft

Height: 10.4 meters

Speed:  900-plus mph (Mach 1.2 at sea level)

Crew: 4 (aircraft commander, pilot, offensive systems officer and defensive systems officer)

Armament: Up to 84 Mark 82 conventional 500-pound bombs and 30 CBU-87/89/97. Also can be reconfigured to carry a wide range of nuclear weapons

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